Viking Design specializes in custom designs that thrive on the fusion of industrial and contemporary styles to create everything from simple fireplace mantels and furniture to entire architectural systems. Each piece we produce in our Bozeman-based shop is meticulously crafted and truly unique.

Viking Design is run by me, Brian Helgeson. Construction and fabrication are my jam and always has been. I’ve been around building stuff my entire life, having grown up in a small family business where our hands touched most every piece of the projects we built.

Fast forward through a Bachelor’s in Construction, followed by a couple decades of building some really sweet stuff…custom homes and fabrication called my name once again. Now I get to build everything from custom furniture to entire homes, and anything in between.


As a custom fabrication studio, we build all sorts of fun stuff for a diverse range of clients and industries. Let’s work together to build creatively…and sometimes, fuctionally.

Custom Design

Our passion is bringing your ideas to life (and building cool shit)! We work with you to determine budget and style, so you can be sure the end result is a perfect match.

Custom Furniture

Every piece of furniture we produce is unique and begins with understanding your vision. Building by hand in our local shop guarantees a quality finished product worth keeping in the family for generations. Seriously.

Steel Fabrication

Manipulating, welding and finishing raw steel into a refined, finished product is our bread and butter. From simple brackets and railings to furniture and complex structures, our team can build just about anything.

Metal Art

We work with a variety of materials to produce expressive and visually captivating custom metal art from sculptures and wall hangings, to decorative and functional pieces.

Custom Woodworking

Working with wood requires a deep appreciation for its vast flexibility and unique attributes. We fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to deliver pure awesomeness.


Forging metal not only requires precision and a good understanding of how metal behaves under heat and pressure but it requires a fair amount of muscle too. And usually hammers.

Our Process

We approach every project as a creative team, of which the client is a key member. This keeps the experience transparent from start to finish. Depending on the build, the fabrication process can be very detailed and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations at every step.

Step #1

The Consult

The process begins with a consultation between our team and you, the inspiration. During this journey, we gather information about your style, what materials feel right and what’s going to make this endeavor turn into something really, really cool!

Step #2

The Design

Surprise! Based on step #1, we create a concept which may include drawings, and/or physical samples to ensure the final piece aligns with your vision.

Step #3

The Build

Once all the (stuff) is selected, we fab! Depending on the complexity of the piece, there’s generally a lot of work, samples, sweat, toil, and no small amount of pixie dust to bring the design to fruition.

Step #4


Not to be overlooked, delivering, and sometimes installing your piece, completes the process. Not all delivery and install is created equal…


Want to kick-start your next project? Still have questions? We would love to hear from you.

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    505 Jetway Drive, Unit C
    Belgrade, MT


    495 Jetway Drive, Unit C
    Belgrade, MT

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